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We do a lot, actually...

Collegiate Web Solutions is the bridge between marketing, IT and leadership. Which means there's many shades of grey in what we do.

We help clients encapsulate their brands in a website design...but we're not a traditional branding agency. We integrate Web applications with administrative systems...but we're not a custom software company. We quantify Web strategies against bottom-line outcomes...but we're not a business consulting firm.

We operate in that middle space, just like you do every day. We call it Web Management. We provide colleges, universities and non-profit organizations a full complement of Web management services, delivered by folks who understand your world.

Our strength is partnering with in-house teams to provide expertise and results. We are also experienced at combining marketing, IT and leadership to form a common language and shared visions.

Advisory services

Trying to figure out where you're going? Sometimes outside experts can provide that extra spark to get your project or strategy moving forward. We make sure it's moving in the right direction.

We advise clients on

  • Website assessments, strategies and budget planning
  • Content management assessments, strategies and recommendations
  • Quantitative surveys and focus group research
  • E-marketing assessments, strategies and tactics
  • Competitive and industry impact analysis
  • Technology reviews and recommendations
  • Staffing and operational assessments
  • Search engine audits and keyword assessments
  • Strategic planning workshops

Implementation services

Need some extra hands to help get your next project live quickly? We organize your in-house resources to work in sync with our experts to create blended teams. Plus, we follow a rigorous process that's proven to implement Web projects quickly.

We help clients with

  • Web designs
  • CMS implementation/configurations
  • Content audits
  • Information architectures
  • Usability studies
  • Custom application development
  • Content automation/system integration
  • E-commerce features
  • Full website content migrations

Management services

The new website is launched. Now what? The challenge is sustaining the value of your Web presence as the environment changes. We believe in continuous improvement. We work with you to identify long-term, efficient and cost-effective management solutions. Even when you're temporarily short-staffed, look to us to quickly step-in and ramp-up.

We help clients with

  • ROI tracking & analysis
  • CMS training
  • Email & social media management
  • CMS & Web applications support
  • Data migration, integration & consolidation
  • Web & email analytics reports
  • SEO/SEM performance measuring

Hosting services

We provide Microsoft servers to host CMS websites and .NET Web applications. Our solution gives clients supported server upgrades, unlimited server space and multiple SQL databases included. When combined with our enterprise-class, open source content management system, we provide upgrade support.

Open Source Experts
Need a low-cost, but feature-rich CMS? We are experts in enterprise-class open source CMS solutions, such as
» Drupal (PHP)
» Umbraco (ASP.NET)
We've also implemented proprietary CMS solutions, such as
» Hannon Hill
» Ektron