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A Six Sigma Approach to Website Redesign

  • 2010 CASE V District Conference
  • 2011 CASE VI District Conference
  • 2011 CASE II District Conference

Six Sigma is a philosophy of continuous improvement used by businesses and manufacturers. Recently, Collegiate Web Solutions applied a Six Sigma process to a website redesign for a prominent Midwestern university. In partnership with a business professor, CWS developed repeatable diagnostics to capture quantitative and qualitative measures of a website's impact. When applied at the beginning of a website redesign effort, this analysis served to benchmark the opinions, behaviors and motivations the current website evoked from visitors across the student life-cycle (prospective students, admitted students, current students and alumni). As well, it made clear the investments in design, navigation and functionality that would truly have the greatest impact.

How to build an effective keyword list for SEO/SEM

  • 2010 HighEdWeb Conference

If the age of Internet search has taught us anything, it's that we humans are amazingly similar in the way we think. In the world of SEO and marketing, this homogeny can be used to develop an effective list of keyword search terms. By sorting and filtering through Google Analytics and using other real-time data sources, we can glimpse inside the minds of our target audience to reveal the common words and patterns they use to find us. These bits of insight, if captured and utilized properly, are the foundations of effective SEO/SEM strategies.

CMS Project Boot Camp for Marketers

  • 2010 eduWeb Conference

Website redesign projects often involve installing a content management system. Increasingly, marketing is leading these projects. This workshop will help marketing professionals gain a deeper understanding of the technical side of a website/CMS project. Starting from an evaluation of their website content, attendees will learn how to develop a content management strategy, evaluate and select the right CMS solution for their campus, then finally prepare and manage a CMS implementation.

Planning for a CMS

  • 2010 Webinar

A CMS is a major investment. Making a bad decision can be very costly. This Webinar steps through the process to effectively assess, prepare and select a web content management system for your institution. Designed for cross-functional teams, and decision-makers on down. Bring everyone involved in your CMS strategy together for this engaging and informative session.

Past Reviews

"Thank you! Great presentations."
Technology Expert, MIT

"It's clear that CWS knows a great deal about how universities work, and has 'been there, done that'."
Senior Information Technologist, University of Rhode Island

"This was perfect timing, and gave a good overview of what we need to do as we look at buying a CMS."
Web Manager, University of North Dakota

"Like the stress placed on partnership between IT and Marketing. It's very important and severely overlooked."
Content Manager, University of Virginia