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Saint Meinrad Archabbey & Seminary

Nestled in the hills of southern Indiana, Saint Meinrad is one of only two Catholic archabbeys in the US. Devoted to Benedictine values, the monks of Saint Meinrad have a growing seminary and school of theology, as well as a variety of businesses to support their mission.

Finding the Right Path

The Lord may work in mysterious ways, but for Saint Meinrad, the Web was providing additional mysteries. Though they had several websites and was well-versed in mass email and social media, Saint Meinrad needed a sustainable strategy to manage their entire Web presence. The main challenge was helping leadership see the best investments to make in these uncertain times.

Change Minds First

Even though Saint Meinrad wanted to do a website redesign, our focus was on their long-term success. Our approach was to help their leadership see the value of a sustainable Web presence before doing a website redesign.

Our assessment included a complete audit of their existing website, analysis of website statistics, assessment of core technologies and operational management, review of website code and two days of back-to-back interviews. Six weeks later a final report, with recommendations and a strategic vision, was presented to leadership.

Expectations Exceeded

Our report compelled Saint Meinrad's leadership to make targeted investments in their Web program in the short- and long-term.

A new dedicated Web position was accepted, as well as an annual budget.

A capital investment was also made to improve both the seminary website, and a new site for the monastery alone.

All told, the cost for our analysis, strategic plan and budget recommendation was five percent of the final investment.