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In a nutshell...

Collegiate Web Solutions partners with you to tranform the thinking and practice of Web management in your institution or organization.

We think differently about the Web. We use phrases like quantitative measurement, continuous improvement, strategic investment, website quality and sustaining value. These words are the backbone of a philosophy that puts your Web presence in the context of a long-term strategy not a one-time fix, which we prove through calculated research and analysis.

While other agencies may have been in business longer, we've taken the time to understand the root problems institutions have for several years faced in managing their websites. Our methods are tailored specifically to give in-house teams the voice to win leadership support and the means for lasting success.

And though we may still be the new kid on the block, our way of thinking is catching on...

Stop one-time redesign projects

Did you know most institutions do a major website redesign project on average every 3 to 5 years? This is the pattern we uncovered after researching 15 years worth of website redesigns across 450 colleges and universities. In these economic times, most institutions can't afford an expensive website overhaul every few years.

To break this cycle, which we call "The Slinky Effect," marketing folks must change their approach to Web management. Continuous improvement principles, focusing on website quality and sustainable value, must be central throughout the redesign process and beyond.

We call this Six Sigma Web Management™. We are the only consultants experienced in both Six Sigma techniques and Web marketing.

Our techniques pin-point quality factors preventing your Web presence from connecting with key audiences. We quantify your website's message effectiveness and derive ways to motivate action toward recruitment, retention or giving goals.

Build bridges together

Control of the Web between IT and Marketing can spark battles that waste precious time and resources.  The Web is a unique medium that requires expertise from both sides.

There must be a seamless partnership with IT and a respect for their critical issues, like manageable solutions, system/data integration, process automation, and security.

We are uniquely positioned in-between marketing and IT. We translate marketing initiatives to Web solutions in ways that address IT concerns.

The future of the Web is easy access to data and information across multiple platforms and devices. We bridge marketing and IT together to create a shared vision for success.

Speak in ways leaders understand

Does your Web presence lack strategic focus? Is it difficult to convey to leadership how important the Web is to your institutions' success? Tired of managing huge expectations with limited resources?

These are signs you're not communicating the value of your Web presence in terms leaders understand.

When leadership supports a major project, like a website redesign, often it's a desprate response to declining enrollment, pent-up dissatisfaction, or an institution-wide branding initiative, to name a few of the more common situations. Frequently, these projects are treated as a single event, where "one-time dollars" are allocated to fix seemingly "short-term problems."

Winning support for a redesign project is different than gaining long-term support for a sustainable Web management program.

We link the value of your Web presence to measureable goals and objectives that matter most to leaders. Time and again, our methods have helped leaders recognize and understand the need to invest in more project funding, add new positions and secure on-going dollars for the Web.

Feature-rich yet affordable

Website redesign projects often include a content management system (CMS) installation. The problem with proprietary CMS packages is paying a huge price tag for one that's chock full of features, with little funding remaining then to implement the website.

We are CMS experts who understand the power of two words "open source." We've configured mainstream proprietary solutions, like Ektron and Hannon-Hill, but our specialty is configuring open source solutions, like Drupal and Umbraco.

With an enterprise-capable, open source solution, we deliver a full-featured website at an extremely affordable price. Why pay for a CMS tool, when we can deliver a complete website for the same price.

What's Your Risk?
Is your website working? How do you compare with competitors? A good first step is a Website Risk Assessment.

Prepared by our research team, this report provides a historical analysis of your institution's website and compares your risk against others in the market based on statistical factors. It's a great place to start educating and supporting leadership about the impact of your website.